SMG in the 318! High School football score updates every week on Rock 106!

SMG in the 318 Makes a Triumphant Return to Rock 106: The Heartbeat of Northeast Louisiana’s High School Football Scene!

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Good news, gridiron fanatics! As the blazing summer cools down and autumn paints the horizon with its shades of orange, there’s yet another reason for fans of Northeast Louisiana high school football to rejoice. The revered radio program, “SMG in the 318”, is making a much-anticipated return to your airwaves, ensuring that Friday nights will never be the same again!

Broadcasting every Friday at 6 pm, “SMG in the 318” lights up the Rock 106 dials, fondly referred to as “The Rock Station”. And it’s not just any program; it’s your one-stop source for scores, exhaustive analysis, riveting interviews, engaging previews, fearless predictions, and detailed recaps of high school football matchups sprawled across Louisiana. Although its heart beats strongly for the games in Northeast Louisiana, the show ensures no touchdown, tackle, or triumph in the state goes unnoticed.

“DJ Dave”

Now, any sports show can give you scores and analysis, but what makes “SMG in the 318” a staple for its legion of fans is its dynamic duo: DJ Dave and Puffy. This beloved pair has steered the program for many a year, their unmatched chemistry resulting in endless banter, insightful football analysis, and most importantly, hearty laughs. Their humor, coupled with their distinct personalities, doesn’t just make the program a football analysis; it’s an experience – one that has amassed a following spanning generations. It’s their touch of personal flair that’s significantly contributed to the show’s unrivaled success.

For those who might be tuning in for the first time or have just moved to the region, Rock 106 isn’t just another station. Thanks to a whopping 100,000 watt transmitter, it blankets all of Northeast Louisiana, ensuring that wherever you are, the heart-pounding action of “SMG in the 318” is just a dial away. And if you’re someone who’s perpetually on the move, Rock 106 ensures you’re covered. Simply stream the pulsating action from the Rock 106 website or via their seamless mobile app.

This season, “SMG in the 318” is upping the ante. Promising the most in-depth coverage available in the community, the show is set to feature live interviews from not one, not two, but dozens of different games. With the level of detail and comprehensive coverage they’re offering, it’s not just a radio program; it’s akin to having a live reporter in every game, providing you with play-by-play action.

In the world of radio, where shows come and go, the legacy of “SMG in the 318” remains untainted and more robust than ever. As the teams gear up and the stadiums prepare for roaring crowds, make sure your radio is tuned to Rock 106 or your device is set for streaming.

Let’s celebrate another season of high school football, enhanced by the unique flavors of DJ Dave and Puffy. The stage is set. The anticipation is high. All that’s left is for you, the 12th man, to join the action!

So, to all our football aficionados, it’s time to gear up, tune in, and dive deep into the world of Louisiana high school football, only on “SMG in the 318”!