The Bayou View – Introducing Milliman Mushroom Farm

Milliman Mushroom Farm: A Taste of Local Wellness and Culinary Delight

Hi, I’m  John Runyan, Morning Show Host on Sunny 98.3, bringing you the first installment of a very special series. I’m excited to introduce you to a remarkable local business that’s combining the art of farming with a passion for health and culinary excellence: Milliman Mushroom Farm in West Monroe, Louisiana.

Rod Milliman: The Man Behind the Mushrooms

Meet Rod Milliman, a visionary farmer with a love for our community, healthy living, and, of course, mushrooms. His state-of-the-art Mushroom Farm is more than just a place of cultivation; it’s where Rod’s dreams are nurtured, and health is harvested.

With a commitment to locally sourced food, Milliman Mushroom Farm has become a beacon of sustainability and innovation, providing two exceptional types of mushrooms: lion’s mane and oyster mushrooms.

The Culinary and Healthful Delights of Lion’s Mane and Oyster Mushrooms

Lion’s Mane Mushrooms:

Health Benefits: Renowned for enhancing cognitive function, supporting nerve health, and providing anti-inflammatory properties. Some studies even suggest its potential in reducing anxiety and depression symptoms.

Taste and Dishes: Lion’s mane offers a seafood-like texture that works perfectly in:

  1. Garlic and butter sautéed lion’s mane.
  2. A lobster-like lion’s mane bisque.
  3. Grilled lion’s mane with lemon herb dressing.

Future Recipes: Stay tuned for future articles that will provide detailed recipes for these delicious dishes.


Oyster Mushrooms:

Health Benefits: Bursting with vitamins and minerals, they support heart and immune health. Rich in fiber, they may help lower cholesterol levels, and the antioxidants present may combat oxidative stress.

Culinary Creations: Their mild flavor lends itself to a variety of dishes, such as:

  1. Crispy roasted oyster mushrooms.
  2. Oyster mushroom stir-fry with fresh vegetables.
  3. Creamy oyster mushroom soup.

More Recipes Ahead: Look forward to our upcoming blogs, where we’ll share step-by-step guidance to create these amazing meals.


Supporting Local: Where to Buy Milliman Mushrooms

Embracing local businesses like Milliman Mushroom Farm enriches our community, promoting sustainable and healthy living. You can find these unique mushrooms at:

Fiesta on eighteenth

Tommy’s Produce

For His Temple Family Foods

And of course, you can find out more by visiting Milliman Mushroom Farm’s website.

Stay Tuned for Exclusive Insights

The upcoming articles in this series promise to take you on an extraordinary journey. Join us for an exclusive interview with Rod Milliman, recorded on location at his state-of-the-art Mushroom Farm. We’ll go inside his operation, showcasing the mushroom growing process from start to finish – a behind-the-scenes look you won’t want to miss!

And remember, supporting local means more than just enjoying great food; it’s about investing in our community, our health, and our shared future. Milliman Mushroom Farm epitomizes this ethos, and I, John Runyan, personally endorse the delicious and nutritious offerings from this local treasure.

Keep an ear to Sunny 98.3 and an eye on our blog for more exciting content, including delicious recipes and further insights into the fantastic health benefits of these gourmet mushrooms. In the meantime, why not try out one of those delicious mushroom dishes I mentioned?

Here’s to healthy living and local loving in Monroe!

Thanks again,

John Runyan, with Sunny 98.3